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What is 'Yunnan Baiyao'

What is 'Yunnan Baiyao'

Posted by Joseph W. on Oct 20th 2023

What is Yunnan Baiyao?

The word Yunnan Biayao literally translates into white medicine from Yunnan. The formula is ultra secretive, it’s well known for its strong ability to stop bleeding caused by ailments or injuries. ‘Yunnan Baiyao’has a wide range of products for easier use and consumption now including capsules, sprays, powder,etc. The Yunnan Baiyao even made it onto Forbes Asia’s Fab 50 list! That is an amazing feat for the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) industry.

History of Yunnan Baiyao

Yunnan Baiyao was developed by a Chinese man named Qu Huanzhang from Jiangchuan in Yunnan Province. He had set out to explore the entire region and taste its hundreds of herbs. In 1902, he formulated "Qu Huanzhang Panacea," which became Yunnan Baiyao ("White medicine from Yunnan") In the Battle of Taierzhuang of 1938 (between Chinese and Japanese forces), Qu Huanzhang donated more than 30,000 bottles of Yunnan Baiyao to the Chinese National Revolutionary Army, supposedly saving the lives of many soldiers.

As an indication of its value, it is noted that during the 1940s, army commander Wu Xuexian was seriously injured in his right leg. The French hospital in Kunming (capital of Yunnan) recommended amputation to save Wu's life. Wu turned to Qu for help, and to everyone's surprise, recovered without the need for an amputation. Yunnan Baiyao gained the reputation as a miracle remedy. After the death of Qu, his wife, Liao Lanying, donated the secret prescription to the government. Large-scale production of Yunnan Baiyao began.

The formula

Under the "Law on Guarding State Secrets", the formula as well as the production processes regarding Yunnan Baiyao are considered secret and possess the longest period of product proprietary secrecy protection of four levels of secrecy under Chinese trade law. As a result, Yunnan Baiyao's exact ingredients are not printed on its packaging in China, and its production process was not disclosed.

Some purported uses of Yunnan Baiyao

  • Stops bleeding
    Clinical studies and case reports show that Yunnan Baiyao may help limit the amount of bleeding in surgeries.Yunnan Baiyao can also be administered orally and externally on wounds to promote hemostasis, or the coagulating of blood from liquid to gel. This can be used in both animals and humans.
  • Relieve pain and bruises
    Yunnan Baiyao may help with bruises, pains, arthritis, muscle aches, backaches, sprains, and more!
  • Arthritis
    Yunnan Baiyao has shown in lab studies to have anti-inflammatory effects, which may help with those suffering from arthritis, which is an inflammation response in the body.
  • Oral Health
    Lab studies have shown that Yunnan Baiyao may help slow the breakdown of bone tissue.
  • Frostbite
    Yunnan Baiyao may help relieve pain associated with frostbite and promote healing.
  • Cancer
    Yunnan Baiyao has not been studied as a cancer treatment, though it may help reduce bleeding in cancer patients.