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What Our Customers Are Saying

Ryan B.

"I've recently been introduced to yunnan baiyao to help treat bleeding issues with my dog and found it to be an excellent product that numerous veterinarians have recommended to me. The ordering process was easy and the product shipped quickly."

Caryn S.

"Highly recommend!! Our dog was diagnosed with Lung Cancer and was too old for surgery. We started him on Yunnan Baiyao Capsules and after his 3rd day he stopped coughing up blood. We were able to spend another 6 weeks with him!!"

Ellen D.

"Our dog was diagnosed with a nasal tumor (malignant) back in August and given 3-5 months to live. After taking this medication, he started feeling and looking so much better. He is 14+ years old and is still with us. He is happy and still loves catching the balls when thrown. We know his time is limited but this medication has given him a better quality of life. Thank you for making this medication available and affordable."

Nancy C.

"My veterinarian oncologist recommended these as part of the overall treatment for my dog who is undergoing chemotherapy. I was afraid I would have to wait an extended time to receive these from China but surprisingly they arrived very quickly. Hopefully, they will help Buddy along with his other meds."

Rebecca S.

"My dog was on the brink of death and I didn't even know it. After emergency surgery, his team of doctors recommended this product to help give him the best life possible for his remaining days. I am so happy to say he's almost 2 months post surgery and he's doing great. One doctors gave him a matter of days. I attribute him being here today to this medicine along with the other one he is on. I will forever be a customer."

Deborah D.

"I have a dog with a rare cancer and the vet recommended this as a supplement. I tried to get it several places but no one could provide it in a timely manner until I found this company. Thank you - I will be ordering this product again - my dog is doing well and I believe it is because he is taking this supplement!"

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